Romantic Castle Wedding In Sweden

Rita and Nick invited their loved ones from all over the world and decided to get married in the picturesque Södertuna Slott in Sweden. This wedding in the castle, crowned with a photo of 2 brides, demonstrates the perfect combination of fine art and nature.

Since the couple shared their beautiful story, we can’t help but be amazed by their love for each other. Browse the entire gallery and see how your love journey makes you say “I’m doing this”!


Bride Rita: “Ahhh, our love story. It makes me smile when I think about how we first met. Nick is from Sweden, and I’m from upstate New York. We are both residents of a small town who love nature.

As a result, I went to university in Philadelphia, and after graduating and working there for several years, I met Niklas. At that time, he was playing hockey for the Philadelphia Flyers.

Nick and I immediately exchanged glances. We both value our family and friends. In addition, we love outdoor activities and travel. We appreciate simple things: homemade food, a refreshing beer or a glass of wine and good music make our book the perfect dinner.


In April last year, our wonderful daughter Nora was born. The following summer, Nick offered to set up camp near our summer house in Troza. It was so romantic and just perfect! It really is a night we will never forget.


We wanted to make sure our big day was over.”It doesn’t sound selfish, but I feel that some weddings today get carried away by focusing on all the complicated details to make the guests happy. We wanted to dedicate this special day to celebrating the incredible love we have for each other and creating memories that we can cherish forever. I would say that the style was rustic and romantic””