Motivation For Alethia Bride
Motivation For Alethia Bride

Hello Dear! I can’t believe it’s been another month since my last post! Time literally passes until our wedding and I was busy choosing my wedding team! It’s 3 annoying (so many things to do!), exciting months away and I’m currently on a serious health kick to get lighter skin, shinier hair and stronger nails. I hit the gym hard with my personal trainer in an attempt to get my pre-move-in-with-the-boy, body back.

In Gujurati (its cultural context) there is a Phrase called Soukna Soy (completely knocked down The spelling) – this is specifically the kind of fat you gain when you move in with your loved one and let yourself be pampered and oh, I really went crazy with that, so I used marriage as a great motivation to get together again! It’s about the images and the trust for me!

What I would look like on my wedding day gave me a serious break. I am so used to being behind the camera and not in the spotlight that the idea of 100 eyes looking at me all made me a little nervous and that’s what I kept in mind when choosing my suppliers! I have already worked on Styled films with Sophie de Coco & Kate and given her great sense of style and her kind and friendly personality, it was a breeze to make her my first stop when I was looking for my dress! Fortunately, it was also my last one. I went to her beautiful soothing Studio filled with breathtaking dresses and fell in love with the first one I tried! That was it! Dignified, feminine, Classy, attractive red carpet, not to mention that my butts are gorgeous! In fact, I’ve been going on my own since I booked a last-minute appointment (mum and my bridesmaids live all over the UK), but I have to say it was actually one of the best decisions I made. I had no one to impose on me what they wanted for me, but Sophie was gracious and honest with what suited me best. (I’ve been back with my maids ever since and there have been a lot of happy tears, so I know I chose the right one!)

My makeup and hair were next on my list to make sure I look good and always look like me. I don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup and at 30+ degrees didn’t want to be inlaid. Italians tend to wear a lot more makeup, and I was really worried about finding someone I would be comfortable with and who would get my vision. After working with Jo from the Hair and Makeup workshop on Bridal-inspired films and seeing her beautiful flawless makeup and hair design, I knew I had to let her do my makeup/hair! I loved that she took into account all the design elements of our wedding when she helped me decide on my makeup and hair in our process. To have such a relaxed and fun person (who nailed what I was looking for!) on my dream team gave me serious peace that you don’t know is great for stressful skin!

Choosing the right photographer and videographer was just as important! (As a wedding photographer, this was the first thing we booked before the venue! When choosing our wedding photographer André de Branco Prata, my main criterion was to find someone who photographs women in a beautiful, elegant and natural way. Branco Prata’s photos are vivid, elegant and romantic. We decided to invest in a videographer. All my wives who had one said it was the best decision they ever made, and the ones who didn’t say it was the biggest contribution, so we definitely made sure a great videographer fit into our budget. Finding the right videographer was a challenge until we met Marco Caputo Films. His videos remind me of old Italian commercials or movies. They are glamorous, devoted and so romantic. I can’t wait to live our day for many years through our photos and videos. I have talked to a few brides in the past who say they prefer to choose a photographer, but there are so many talented men in the wedding industry who seem to understand how women want to be captured, and Marco Caputo and Andre (Branco Prata) seem to do that, so I would strongly advise brides not to exclude male suppliers, but to look for people like Marco and Andre who capture women (and couples) in the most stunning way! (Sofia from Branco Prata also styles and makes our flowers and their aesthetics perfectly matches André’s images, elegant and romantic, so I can’t wait to see her breathtaking work)

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