Modern Bride in White and Lush Green in Spring

The spring wedding feels very tender in the blog with this film from the dream team: timeless stylist and floral designer Sarah Harper from Hanna Duffy Photography. Amy, a timeless stylist, shares all the details and expert advice below:

This tabletop landscape was created as a series of three designs to showcase the work of Sarah Harper Floral Design for her new website. We wanted this one to be very unique and attract the attention of a modern bride, combining the old and new worlds. With a table under the beautiful windows of the Bodleian Library, we had a great starting point. The key to this design was to use plants as a source of inspiration for each element so that they would be the center of attention. We left them in the spotlight by making glass a really important element that is used for many elements. Glass was also used to make dishes, which gave it a very neat appearance, which attracted attention to plants. We needed to improve the design to create a sense of luxury, and we achieved this by stacking plates and bowls in layers and placing napkins in this way. In order to bring the old to the building and contrast it with some more rigid components, we chose antique silver cutlery.

Color palette
The color palette here is really simple and is emphasized only by the fact that I am very strict about the selected products and the style that I use. Green plants were the starting point, and softer greens appeared in the tapering candles. They were placed in glass, using as much glass as possible, which complements the green and white colors and allows you to create a fresh spring table landscape that will seduce the modern bride with a sense of nostalgia.

Sarah chose fresh flowers in a classic white-green color scheme for this design, and the dancing scab was the only white flower that reflected my soft and gentle style everywhere.He gave the table a cascading green color using plants and floral materials, while maintaining an elegant and classic look.

Sarah deliberately chose glass containers so that some earthy roots would be visible so that the natural shape of the plants would be known, while using a mixture of glass and polished glass kept the elegance in the tabletop landscape.

Simple, but effective
The fresh scent of mint plants was used as a souvenir for guests who were returning on their wedding day when they felt the fresh scent of mint gently floating in the garden. Flowers: mint, fern, hellebore, scabiosa.


Spend a lot of time thinking through the details properly
Work with a suitable floral designer to achieve this look
Layering of glass plates and dishes using a clean napkin to improve the design