Hair and Makeup Ideas for Bride During Wedding

This month we have prepared a honeymoon with all the wedding plans, I wanted to make sure that I would arrive in a while, so when the time comes, we will be ready to fly away and forget about all our problems – dreamers! We are going to Sri Lanka for two weeks (we haven’t completely submerged in the water yet!), which means injections, visas and a lot of sunscreen! Since we’ve never been outside of Europe, it’s going to be a real adventure, and as Nick tells me… I’m going to have to put in a little effort-starting with the thrusts, damn it!

For this post, I wanted to tell you everything related to hair and makeup. I think all brides–to-be feel an unspoken pressure to look their best on this momentous day- I think this is the only time in their lives when everyone looks at them more than before! I’m definitely not used to being the center of attention, so this thought makes me a little nervous, but I think the most important thing for me is that I still look like myself – I’m just hoping for an improved version!

I have a bob (I like that word), and I’ve had the same hair since I was 18 (except for changing my top-wild!), and I just wouldn’t be able to grow up or change it now. However, I would like something special, I ordered a hairdresser named Becky Bryant to dry the super duper! Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a website, she only works from home in Tunbridge Wells (let me know if you need her details). It’s no secret that I decided not to wear a veil, I like the way they look at other people, but they’re not for me, and so I ordered something very exciting in return – but for now I’ll keep it a secret!

As for my makeup, I am very glad that I have a wonderful friend who is an incredibly talented makeup artist. Her name is Harriet Rainbow, and she is also based in Tunbridge Wells and covers the entire southeast. As you can see, Harriet, with her fashionable past and finely tuned editorial style, really follows the improvement of natural beauty. In addition to my makeup, it will be so nice if you are my friend to support my nerves and have fun in the morning!

The most difficult part for me when making all the decisions was to visualize it all together, because you will see all the details of the outfit together only on the same day. I think it’s important that you be happy at exams and believe in your stylists – fingers crossed on the big day!