Bridesmaids Breakfast At German Vineyard

“The friendship of women is an airing. I’ve had conversations with you that I wouldn’t dare with anyone else. You know some of my darkest secrets, my brightest moments and everything in between.” – A photo by Edain O’Connell, which describes the unique dynamics of female friendship.

Weddings are a special event for the bride and groom. They are also a unique event where a bride has the opportunity to honor her immediate surroundings and express her appreciation. A pleasant and unforgettable way to start your wedding day is to organize a special breakfast with your bridesmaid and girlfriends.

These shootings, which took place in Höflesnice in Germany, are a celebration of the power and magic of sisterhood. On a vineyard near Dresden, Höfles-nitz, a pleasant, relaxed breakfast for the bride and her girlfriends is one of the first vineyards in Germany where organic plonk is produced. For this special breakfast, the ladies tried a wonderful and refreshing sparkling wine from the cellar, which fit perfectly into the color scheme.


Many brides like to give small gifts to their bridesmaids to express their appreciation for their friendship, support and help with wedding planning. We love the unique gifts used for this movie — the intricate glass matters filled with handmade bracelets by Stefanscaro for three bridesmaids. Remember that the presentation is important and is an important part of the art of giving. They received a thank you letter with the name of each bridesmaid, written by a local specialist in calligraphy, cataloging.


The classic wedding tradition, in which the bride is dressed in white, and her girlfriends are dressed in color, has been changed. The bride is wearing a beautiful pale pink and her bridesmaids are dressed in white. Romantic and flowing handmade dresses from the silhouette atelier fit perfectly into the soft, feminine and romantic style of this film. They also reflect the gentle tones of a bright and natural color palette, combined with a touch of gold.


Modern motifs with a touch of romance also served as inspiration for flowers. The flower workshop did not want anything too clean or too big, because it could distract attention from the main goal of this film: the wedding breakfast. The team created cute bouquets for each of the bridesmaids (which is not common in Germany) and used a white-creamy palette with small pink splashes to keep them classic and elegant.


The newlyweds should organize their wedding day exactly the way they want and spend time with the people they really want to see near them. Why not think outside the box and plan a great pastime with friends at the beginning of your wedding day?
When planning your event, remember that all elements must be intertwined in common threads. For this shot, this was achieved by uniform lighting and natural decor in combination with pastel shades and golden highlights.