Bride With Ghost Orchids in Yorkshire

We love wedding clothes here in B. We have loved and researched the recent designers and trends to inspire you. We had the pleasure of visiting a supertrend wedding shop with modern bohemian luxury and, of course, stunning wedding dresses! The Phantom Bride of the Orchid is located in the beautiful Yorkshire village of Hessle, and it is headed by the charming Katie. I fainted from the moment I saw in the window a stunning handmade sequined dress, an Icarus dress from Odilina at the ceremony, and I couldn’t wait to see it inside! The boutique is decorated in a modern style, and the collection features such incredible brands as & For Love, Alexandra Grekko and Bridal Marquist. If you are looking for your northern wedding dress, it’s nice to see such a unique brand and a rare collection of designers. We interviewed Katie to learn more about the orchid ghost bride, upcoming trends for 2018 and enjoy my photo tour at Catherine Noble Photography!

What does the name “ghostly bride-groom” mean?

The ghost orchid is a rare and unusual flower. It was thought to be extinct in the UK, but it was recently discovered to be growing again in forests. Growing a ghost orchid does not follow the same rules as other flowers, and we also consider our brides as women who are not afraid to break traditions and even set some rules. The ghost orchid is a beautiful delicate white flower that, on the contrary, grows in the darkest parts of the forest. I find this sliding and dragging between light and dark interesting, and it’s a cool aesthetic that can be combined.

What is her style and what kind of bride is a bride with ghost orchids?

At Ghost Orchid we have a fairly simple, modern, restrained, but fun atmosphere with an elegant, comfortable and carefree showroom. We have a diverse selection of designer dresses from the best independent labels from around the world. Although we follow fashion closely and all our dresses reflect this, we believe that people should reflect their individuality in their wedding dresses.That’s why we have chosen our designers who have made sure that we have bohemian, minimalist, modern, alternative and romantic dresses, so that they really suit every fashionable bride. Our brides tend to be laid-back, modern women who are looking for something more unique and have a clear idea of what their outfit should say about them.

What are your favorite wedding trends at the moment, both in fashion and decor?
My God, this is such a difficult question that I like different wedding trends for different people! I like dresses covered with sequins, which are now sparkling everywhere. Not only a strange scattered gemstone, but also a crazy condensed luster. This side part and the top part are divided into skirts, which I like. As for the decor, I think there is something really beautiful in a rare, dark, even industrial place, but it is covered with an almost excessive number of garlands, candles and wildflowers. High-contrast visualization is also attractive here.

What would be your forecasts of trends in wedding fashion for 2018?
Brighter colors, more feathers, bigger ruffles and brighter sequins! I also see that the monochrome look is complemented by a lot of black accents complementing the dresses. I think that the popularity of embroidery is growing, and people are becoming bolder in choosing colors.