Bride on Idyllic Coast Sicily

Here is a wedding photo shoot to call your inner goddess! This Nunzio Bruno photo film, shot on the idyllic coast of Sicily, is a portrait of love, romance and beauty. This editorial meeting at the Élysée Palace takes place among the historical ruins of the ancient brick fortress Castello Lanz Branciforte di Trabia, where every corner and crack forms the perfect backdrop for the Mediterranean Sea and its rocky coasts.


The shooting was conceived as an ode to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, and Amphitrite, the goddess of the sea. The recordings focus on the concept of strong love, divine beauty and deep passion, using a mature color palette of neutral tones.

Colors include bare, sand, beige, cream, light wood, stone and other natural earthy tones. To add a little playfulness, sea tones were included in the theme. The shade of the aquamarine sapphire symbolizes the fascinating ocean and the majestic sky to create soothing tonal reflections.

Abiti da Sposa has created a graceful flowing dress with ribbed knots that fall from the shoulders. A wedding dress, sewn from soft and delicate fabrics, such as organza and mesh, with a beautiful sweetheart neckline, gives an impression of innocence and playfulness.

Gianluc chose curly hair with thin beach waves, which perfectly suited a natural and untreated theme. The bandage in the form of a crown of the goddess emphasized the beauty of the bride. The surreal vibes of Aphrodite definitely come from her!


Frascati Fiori has created an exquisite bridal bouquet with various textures, colors and decor elements, including beige, dry pampas, thistles, pastel buds, flowers of light sapphire and green moss, as well as shades of green foliage and Ivory coast.

The central place on the table was occupied by sapphire flowers in golden cups and tea shaph candles in golden coasters. The white porcelain tableware and crystal glasses merge with a wooden table; the luxurious cutlery covered with gold also adds elegance and balance, while the table linen, including the Sapphire Mute table lamp and the Grey Pearl towels, has retained its original beauty. The walkway was decorated with dry grass, straw, soft hay, scattered petals and exquisite hanging decor above the couple’s table. As a finishing touch, the menu on the jute fabric was complemented by a natural aesthetic.


The place of the wedding by the sea can be mature and refined, but young and whimsical. Adjust the color palette to your mood and theme.
Wedding bouquets can be exquisite and exotic, without using too many bright colors or expensive flowers. The selection of unique textures gives the bouquet character and complexity.
Think of headdresses and hair accessories to emphasize your wedding image.