Boho Style Bridesmaids

Bring with you the spirit of freedom, natural inspiration and vintage lace, because Bohemian style weddings will not go anywhere. No wonder why, because these weddings are beautiful. Boho style weddings represent the outdoor aesthetics, natural elements and are inspired by rustic and organic things. If you are planning a boho wedding, you may be wondering what looks best in terms of a particular wedding party. Boho style bridesmaids have a lot of options when it comes to dresses, shoes, jewelry and accessories, so the choice can seem a little overwhelming at first glance.

The good news is that you can embody your personal style in boho style bridesmaid images. Love and romantic elements of the bohemian style are sure to please your bridesmaids and will make them feel beautiful on their significant day. See our boho style wedding accessories guide here.

If you need inspiration and style tips to dress bridesmaids for a boho wedding, you are not alone. From bouquets to bridal bracelets and everything in between, here are some important tips.

1) be inspired by nature: nature is an integral part of the bohemian style, so try to include it in all the elements of your wedding day, including bridesmaid sets. This applies not only to organic items, such as flowers and bouquets, but also to the color scheme and overall aesthetics. The nature-inspired image of a bridesmaid will create a relaxed atmosphere at your wedding celebration. Do your research, go outside and be inspired by Mother Nature herself!

2) Think about unsuitable clothes: nature is not perfect, and it does not always fit. This idea can be realized in the images of bridesmaids by choosing dresses for bridesmaids that do not fit together perfectly. Remember to choose a dress of the same type in different shades of the color you have chosen – this is an easy way to achieve this inappropriate trend. You can even choose dresses of different styles and colors for your girlfriends. The possibilities of this fashionable dress are really endless, and many brides even prefer to combine it with different textures, materials, prints or patterns.

3) Let the events grow: the charm of a bohemian wedding is that not everything has to be perfect. It’s about flowers, places and, of course, about your bridesmaids. As for the bridesmaid dresses, it does not matter whether the dresses will be large and flowing. Compositions of overgrown flowers are a good thing. Use natural elements! In particular, with dresses, boho-style styles show a certain lost greatness. Remember to dress your bridesmaids in lace, crocheted, with large sleeves or even dresses of different lengths. Choosing a classic boho style or an element in your bridesmaid dress will help to emphasize your entire bohemian wedding style.

4) Choose accessories in earthy tones: earthy tones are always a good idea. Especially for boho-style weddings, these colors are a great guide to accessories. Leave bright, catchy colors behind and give preference to rich or blurry sapphire shades, greens and other beautiful neutral colors. When it comes to shoes, choose something one or two shades darker than the chosen bridesmaid dress, but make sure that the colors are not too different from each other. They should be a good match.

As for other accessories, let yourself be inspired by nature. Flower wreaths are returning this year (have they really gone out of fashion?) and they are the main element of many bohemian weddings. They are also a great gift idea for your bridesmaids on their memorable day. Adding additional colors to the image of the bridesmaid will emphasize the natural elements of your wedding environment. Check out our tips on how to make a wreath of spring flowers with your own hands here.

5) choose discreet jewelry: Due to the natural and more relaxed vibes associated with boho weddings, the image of your bridesmaid should reflect the same values. This means that perfectly shiny traditional wedding decorations may not be the best solution for you and your wedding party. But don’t worry! There are many options when it comes to choosing jewelry for your boho style bridesmaids.

When it comes to jewelry ideas for bridesmaids at a boho wedding, think of vintage jewelry or nature-inspired decorations. A clear cut and modern jewelry may seem a little out of place, given the rustic and original features of a bohemian wedding. Instead of these modern styles, you should pay attention to handmade jewelry with various stones or crystals. Rose quartz and other popular crystals are inexpensive and will be a great addition to any boho-style bridal image. This also applies to earrings, bracelets and necklaces. When choosing jewelry for the boho-style bridesmaid, make sure that they are light and airy. Do without heavy and voluminous ornaments, give preference to delicate and small products, so as not to overdo it.